Inspirational films for parents planning their child’s future

For both parents and children, the topic of the future is often a cause of anxiety and pressure on the child. In modern realities, such a phenomenon is commonplace, although sometimes it leads to conflict in the family. The desire to push one's offspring in the right direction is naturally caused by the desire to avoid the mistakes of parents. Fortunately, in the world of cinema, there are many examples that broadcast invaluable advice for parents on family upbringing and will help to avoid difficulties in planning the future of their child. So we invite you to watch a selection of films where the efforts of parents were not in vain.

King Richard (2021)

Director: Reinaldo Marcus Green

The film is based on a real story and tells the story of Richard Williams and his wife Brandy, who, by making incredible efforts and following a clear concept of education, raised two of the most outstanding athletes in the world from their children. 1988, Compton, California, parents raising five daughters see in them several major tennis stars. Under the supervision of a strict and demanding father, two girls pick up rackets and, after years of hard and exhausting training, go down in history as legendary tennis players - Venus and Serena Williams.

King Richard is a motivational story about a father's unwavering faith in his daughters' insane success in sports. The drama shows not only the difficult journey of two future stars to the top of the league table but also portrays a family atmosphere that makes it possible to overcome adversity and achieve the goal.

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (2019)

Director: Chiwetel Ejiofor

The plot of the film is based on a real story that happened in a small African village in Malawi. William is a young boy who was born and raised in a poor family. His parents have no education, but William has the opportunity to study at school, which can already be called great luck. Their village is suffering from drought as the rainy season never comes. Residents begin to prepare for severe famine and water shortages. However, the boy, realizing that there is no one to wait for help, starts building a windmill. He is convinced that he will help not only his family survive but also the entire village.

Gifted (2017)

Director: Marc Webb

Frank Adler lives on the coast of Florida and raises a seven-year-old girl, Mary. The child's mother died, and the only person sheltered her was her uncle. Frank does everything possible for the future of his little niece. Sometimes the boy is helped by his friend Roberta. According to the plot of the movie "Gifted" when Mary goes to school, the lives of the main characters change by 180°

Mary’s teacher, named Bonnie, noticed that the baby had a phenomenal ability in mathematics. The girl's grandmother wants to take her granddaughter away from her son and believes she knows better how to raise a child. According to the woman, Mary should attend a specialized school to develop her rare talent. Frank is very attached to his niece and does not want to agree to such a proposal.

The Glass Castle (2017)

Director: Destin Cretton

Jeannette's childhood was fun and unforgettable. Exciting adventures and fascinating stories mixed with constant fear, frequent escapes-movements, and hungry weeks were integral to her life. The girl's father drank a lot, because of which he often lost his job, and her mother preferred art to care for children. Therefore, Walls' children cared for each other from a young age. And so, Jeannette Walls became a successful journalist and met a good man.

The woman tells a wonderful story about her parents, when in fact they are beggars and live in the slums of New York, unwilling to change their lifestyle. The moral of the picture is clearly demonstrated: chasing your own dreams and ambitions, do not forget that they do not always coincide with what your child needs.

Eddie the Eagle (2016)

Director: Dexter Fletcher

A biographical history of Michael Edwards, who was born for the Olympic Games. Since childhood, the boy dreamed of taking part in the Olympics and glorifying his country. Such a goal of Michael was accompanied by constant training and decisive actions. For a long time, he could not decide which sport to choose, because he did not have any talents. So Eddie decides to become a ski jumper.

Michael Edwards, or, as he was later called, Eddie "Eagle", found a professional coach in the person of a former Olympic ski jumper. He trained so hard that he even began to show decent results. The film tells the biographical story of an athlete who was not taken seriously by anyone, but thanks to his desire, he was able to achieve his goal.