7 Touching Movies for Men

Seven male dramas with deep emotional themes and experiences that only men can understand. Most of the films presented here are based on real events and talk about male heroes, the difficulties of life stages, and their experiences.

The Worlds Fastest Indian (2005)

"The World's Fastest Indian" is a film based on a true story, and it follows the journey of Burt Munro, an aging New Zealand mechanic and motorcyclist. Burt dreams of setting a world speed record on his homemade motorcycle. He plans to travel to the United States to participate in the Bonneville Salt Flats race. Along the way, he faces various challenges and meets a diverse group of people. The film chronicles his adventures, determination, and his attempt to set a world record. It's a heartwarming and inspiring story of pursuing one's dreams against all odds.

Eddie the Eagle (2016)

"Eddie the Eagle" is a film based on a true story, and it tells the story of Michael "Eddie" Edwards, also known as "Eddie the Eagle." Eddie was a British ski jumper with little experience who aspired to compete in the Winter Olympics. The film follows his journey as he works hard to qualify for the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada, despite lacking the typical athleticism of an Olympic athlete.

With determination and unconventional training methods, Eddie overcomes numerous obstacles, including skepticism from his own country's officials and the international sporting community. Along the way, he forms an unlikely friendship with a coach named Bronson Peary. The film is an underdog story of Eddie's unwavering spirit, perseverance, and his quest to become the first British ski jumper to participate in the Olympics in nearly six decades. It celebrates the triumph of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

King Richard (2021)

"King Richard" is a biographical sports drama film that tells the true story of Richard Williams, the father and coach of tennis superstars Venus and Serena Williams. The film focuses on Richard's role in shaping and supporting his daughters' tennis careers.

Despite limited resources and a lack of formal tennis training, Richard is determined to see his daughters become successful professional tennis players. He develops a rigorous training regimen and makes numerous sacrifices to ensure their success. The film also explores the challenges and obstacles faced by the Williams family, including racial discrimination and financial struggles.

"King Richard" is a story of parental dedication, determination, and the role of family in achieving greatness. It showcases Richard's relentless pursuit of his daughters' dreams and their journey to becoming two of the most dominant and accomplished tennis players in the world.

The Mule (2018)

"The Mule" is a crime drama film directed by and starring Clint Eastwood. The film is loosely based on a true story and follows the life of Earl Stone, a horticulturist who faces financial difficulties. He inadvertently becomes a drug courier for a Mexican drug cartel.

Earl, despite his age, becomes one of the most reliable and efficient drug mules for the cartel, transporting large quantities of illegal drugs across the country. As he continues his dangerous work, he draws the attention of law enforcement agencies.

The film explores the moral complexities of Earl's actions, his strained relationship with his family, and the consequences of his involvement in the drug trade. It delves into themes of redemption, family, and the choices people make in the face of desperation. "The Mule" is a character-driven drama that showcases Clint Eastwood's acting and directing talent and highlights the consequences of a life of crime.

The King's Speech (2010)

"The King's Speech" is a historical drama film that tells the story of King George VI of Britain, who unexpectedly ascends to the throne after the abdication of his brother. The film focuses on King George's struggle with a severe stutter and his efforts to overcome his speech impediment, especially as the nation faces the challenges of World War II.

The King enlists the help of an unorthodox speech therapist, Lionel Logue, who employs unconventional methods to help the monarch find his voice. The film follows their unlikely friendship and the King's journey to find the confidence and skills needed to lead his nation during a pivotal time in history.

"The King's Speech" is a powerful and moving story of personal triumph over adversity and the importance of effective communication, especially for a leader in a time of crisis. It delves into the emotional and psychological struggles of King George VI as he works to overcome his speech impediment and rise to the challenges of his royal duties.

The Terminal (2004)

"The Terminal" is a comedy-drama film directed by Steven Spielberg. The film tells the story of Viktor Navorski, a man from the fictional Eastern European country of Krakozhia, who arrives at New York's JFK International Airport. However, while he is in the air, a military coup occurs in his homeland, and his passport and visa become invalid.

Unable to enter the United States or return to Krakozhia, Viktor finds himself stranded in the international transit area of the airport. He must navigate the bureaucratic and legal obstacles of the airport and live there for an extended period. Viktor befriends airport employees and travelers becomes an unofficial resident of the airport, and even falls in love.

"The Terminal" is a heartwarming and humorous story that explores themes of resilience, friendship, and the universal human desire for connection and belonging. It follows Viktor's unique life in the airport terminal and the relationships he forms with the people he encounters while he waits for his situation to be resolved.

Lost in Translation (2003)

"Lost in Translation" is a romantic drama film written and directed by Sofia Coppola. The film follows the chance encounter and brief relationship between two Americans in a Tokyo hotel.

Bob Harris, played by Bill Murray, is a middle-aged actor in Tokyo to film a whiskey commercial, while Charlotte, played by Scarlett Johansson, is a young woman accompanying her husband, a photographer. Both are feeling disconnected from their lives and are dealing with a sense of loneliness and isolation in the bustling city of Tokyo.

As Bob and Charlotte spend time together in this foreign land, they form a deep and platonic connection. Their relationship is marked by a sense of understanding and empathy, as they share their thoughts, experiences, and explore the vibrant yet alien culture of Tokyo.

"Lost in Translation" is a story of human connection, the search for meaning in life, and the transient, bittersweet nature of relationships. It beautifully captures the emotional subtleties of its characters and the power of a genuine, albeit fleeting, connection between two people in a foreign and unfamiliar environment.