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YummyMovie.org is an international independent online magazine about movies and filmmaking.

We are a new format of media for everyone who is interested in cinema and appreciates good cinema. YummyMovie's mission is to develop cinema culture in Ukraine and help film fans quickly find good films and TV series, interesting facts about cinema, and the life of actors and directors on the set and in everyday life.

From the pages of the online magazine YummyMovie Magazine you will learn the latest news from the world of cinema and keep up to date with the most important events in the industry, and expert articles from Ukrainian and world cinema figures will “lift the curtain” on the filming process and teach you to distinguish a real masterpiece from a mediocre film.

We popularize watching films and TV series on official platforms because we believe that only with high image quality and excellent sound will the viewer be able to truly appreciate the work of the director and his team. For demanding film fans, the YummyMovie editors regularly prepare unique selections of films, TV series, and cartoons. With our recommendations, you can choose a movie to suit your mood in a few clicks.

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