Films about Christian Dior and his contribution to the fashion industry

The post-war period, the 40s and 50s of the 20th century, was a difficult material and psychological time for the entire civilized world. It seemed as if an exhausted society was stuck in the darkness of the Second World War, without the strength or the ability to recover. This bloody difficult period itself became the key to the emergence of a new star in the fashion industry. We are talking about the French fashion designer and artist Christian Dior. The contribution of this native of Normandy is difficult to overestimate: it was he who became the restorer of femininity in the middle of the last century, when women, it would seem, had come to terms with the gloomy, heavy clothes of wartime. Without exaggeration, Dior showed the world a fresh and shocking new look at the time, or, as it is called in the fashion world, "new look".

The history of the Dior Fashion House dates back to 1947 when the first collection and the designer's debut show were presented. This event, in addition to surprising everyone and subjecting it to a wave of criticism, allowed the then-young brand to declare itself and its ideas, demonstrating a new image of a woman. The post-war era, colorless Paris, shortage of fabric - all this helped Dior to become a revolutionary in his business and launch a wave of femininity, both in France and around the world.

At that time, the designer did the impossible: long, lush, tight-belted clothes, and all this in post-war Europe. The silhouette in a Dior dress has taken root in society's imagination, which has led to a new perception of women.

In this collection, we will share films that tell about the path and thinking of the revolutionary of the 20th century, Christian Dior, and about the history of the development of the Fashion House itself.

«Dior and I» (2014)

Director: Frуderic Tcheng

Raf Simons - the successor of John Galliano, headed the famous Dior Fashion House as creative director. A new collection is expected from a new couturier. According to tradition, it should become a sensation. Simons managed to do what others could not. His new women's collection appeared in just eight weeks, while it usually takes about six months.

Viewers of the documentary will go behind the scenes of the Fashion House and see those who also took part in the creation of the Simons collection.

«Christian Dior — The man behind the myth» (2005)

Director: Philippe Lanfranchi

Christian Dior not only changed and made "high fashion", but he also contradicted the very image of a fashion designer accepted in society. This Frenchman never wavered in his popularity. He conquered the world thanks to his bold view of feminine elegance and made Paris a real capital of fashion while remaining at the same time a reserved and conservative person. But what influenced Dior's preferences? What inspired his dynamic creativity and brought stunning success? Childhood in Normandy, the eternal image of maternal elegance, his love for the flowers of art and architecture? The film helps to look from the inside at the secrets of the man who became a legend.

«Christian Dior, la France» (2018)

Director: Frederic Mitterrand

The creator of the "new look" Christian Dior passed away 60 years ago, on October 23, 1957. From Christian to Dior, director Frederic Mitterrand traces the life of the French designer who revolutionized fashion. He also explores the France that was so dear to him through the landscapes that inspired him.