6 Popular Anime Series of 2023

The anime genre has not lost its popularity among audiences of different ages and nationalities, and the relevance of the stories remains from year to year. The secret lies in the emphasis on the emotions and sensitivity of the main characters, as well as in carefully thought-out plots. The most popular TV series of last year are collected in our selection today.

Anime series Cowboy Bebop (1998)

Humanity colonized the solar system and learned to travel between planets. This round of development gave birth to many criminal intergalactic groups. Capturing them is the task of bounty hunters Spike, Jet, and Fei. The story of the Space Cowboys was so successful that in 2021, Netflix filmed a remake of the Japanese series.

Anime series Samurai Champloo (2004)

This anime takes place in feudal Japan during the Edo era. Young Fuu accidentally meets two samurai: the former pirate Mugen and the imperturbable ronin Jin. The three become best friends and travel around Japan together, having various adventures along the way.

Anime series Lupin III (1971)

This story is inspired by Maurice Leblanc's classic work about the famous thief Lupin. The main character is Arsene Lupine the Third - his grandson. Together with two companions and a beautiful girl with whom he is clearly in love, the villain pulls off the most notorious robberies of the century and runs from the police. It is worth noting that this anime is ranked 50th among the best anime of all time.

Anime series Yojôhan shinwa taikei (2010)

A student at Kyoto University experiences a series of disappointments: his studies do not meet his expectations, his friends betray him, and his beloved is taken away by a friend. A desperate guy one day meets one of the gods, who decides to help him with all his troubles.

Anime series Hagane no renkinjutsushi (2003)

This anime centers on brothers Alphonse and Edward who use alchemy to bring their mother back from the dead. However, the experiment does not go according to plan, and one of the brothers loses an arm and a leg, and the other completely turns into a spirit. To return what was lost, they have to find the philosopher's stone and put everything in its place.

Anime series Môsô dairinin (2004)

This is a detective story about two detectives who are looking for a serial killer who is terrorizing civilians. According to the descriptions, this is a teenager in a baseball cap who rides around on golden roller skates. Another mystery is to understand what binds his victims in order to predict the next attacks. However, there are so many inaccuracies and confusing moments in the case…