Interview with Lubomir Levytskyi and the history of the film “FOLLOW ME”

Recently the well-known Ukrainian film director and author of the YouTube project BLOCKPOST Lyubomyr Levytsky has presented a teaser of the documentary FOLLOW ME ("FOLLOW ME") about a military rescue operation using drones. The unprecedented history of rescuing civilians impresses everyone with the professionalism and dedication of the Ukrainian Army. Lubomyr shared the story of the creation and filming of the documentary.

- How exactly did you get the documentary material shot in the first person?

My friend and journalist Vasyl Krutchak called me and said that he knows volunteers who are lawyers in normal life. They deliver drones to soldiers and they have incredible material for me. He told me this story about the rescue operation. I got goosebumps because it was hard to believe in it. But later volunteers Mykola and Vitaly showed me the material and I realized that these are unique shots and the whole world should see them so I should make a film.

- How did the main characters of the film react to the proposal to show this story?

They understood that it will not be just entertainment content, this tape has a lot of meaning both as a testimony of the Russian military crime against the civilian population of Ukraine and as a demonstration of the professionalism of our military, their intelligence and how much they care about every Ukrainian's life. And they really want as many people as possible to see it, both in our country and abroad.

- Describe your emotional state when you first heard the story that made you reproduce it in the film?

I had goosebumps all over my body, a  shock and delight. It was hard to believe until I saw the actual drone footage of the operation. Then I realized that you can't just take and show this material to people without correct and truthful storytelling. That's why I had an idea about a documentary film and involving the real heroes of these events. The decision wasn't easy but the result overcame all worries and doubts.

- FOLLOW ME is just for you - describe in three words what the viewer should be ready for?

It's a documentary thriller with a full sense of presence in this story along with the characters. I tried to give this film a more artistic form, so that it would be easier to watch and that it would stick in people's minds for a lifetime. I want it to be advised to watch all around the world because reading or hearing about the crimes of Russians and seeing them on the screen is a completely different perception. I'm also proud of our military forces and want to tell as many people as possible about their exploits to show how our army differs from theirs not only in professionalism but also in humanity.

- Tell us about future projects and what are you are currently working on?

I'm currently working on the pilot of the series "Captain Ukraine". This is a story from the parallel universe of the original movie that we ran before the war started. But, unfortunately, the film is very high-budget and at the moment it is necessary to look for forms that will be easier and faster to implement. I also run my BLOCKPOST blog about military culture on the YouTube channel "Captain Ukraine". I invite only real people, servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Using their own example and experience, they tell fascinating stories from the front, give useful advice on fighting tactics and popularize the military training of the civilian population as much as possible. Also, we analyze the battle scenes from Hollywood films weather they can be real or not.

- When exactly can we expect the premiere of the film?

I know that 30-minute films are very difficult to sell but we have many different ideas for distribution. I think that this year we will be able to come up with something and the world will see this emotional thriller.

In addition to the documentary "FOLLOW ME", Lubomyr Levytskyi is going to release the premiere of an action film with elements of mysticism, the feature film "Captain Ukraine" about a native superhero.