Short film “Bigwigs” by ukrainian director Mykhailo Komarov begins festival life

Team of the “Bigwigs” mockumentary short movie has completed its post-production stage, and now the film is finely getting closer to the festival life. 

A 6-minute film tells a fiction story about three friends — Tommy, Jenny and Bobby — who had hosted a great party which went so well, that they decide to create a bar. But it appeared to be not an easy task. 

“The story is based on my fellow DOP’s and producer’s (who is a real cocktails master) idea. Thanks to the great team, the production stage was a pure fun experience. We had just two shooting days, but fortunately almost everything was shot in the same location. This allowed to simplify logistics, shoot more takes and just hang out a bit. Most likely, everyone could relate to at least one of the story’s characters,” — says Mykhailo Komarov, director of the short.

“Bigwigs” short was written in spring and directed in summer of 2021 by Mykhailo Komarov and produced by Armen Arakelian. DOP: Asya Krutota, Cast: Bohdan Basenko, Abigail Parra, Daniel Svidersky and Gary Reusche. Kyiv, Ukraine - 2021.